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Onze bijlessen

Als je manier van leren zo drastisch is veranderd, dan is het extra belangrijk dat studenten vol zelfvertrouwen hun voortgang kunnen volgen. Bij Una Paloma Blanca begrijpen we de worsteling waarmee studenten worden geconfronteerd als ze zich willen klaarstomen voor hun examen na een jaar van online leren,

Met bijles brengen studenten niet alleen snel hun taalvaardigheden op een hoger niveau, het zorgt ook voor veel zelfvertrouwen. Naast hun reguliere klassen bieden onze docenten dan ook graag bijles aan in de volgende talen: Nederlands, Engels, Duits, Spaans, Frans, Italiaans, Portugees, Mandarijn en Russisch.

Onze docenten werken vanuit de behoefte van de studenten en verrijken en ontwikkelen zo de kennis.

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Hoe gaan we ermee om

Onze docenten zijn getraind om je bij elk niveau te begeleiden en helpen je om zowel algemene als specifieke leerdoelen te behalen. Bij Una Paloma Blanca geloven we dat leren leuk, snel en efficiënt moet zijn. We gebruiken hiervoor diverse methodes, allemaal beproefd en getest door onze ervaren docenten. Actief communiceren heeft de prioriteit, maar we verliezen nooit de persoonlijke leerdoelen uit het oog. Zo boeken de studenten vanaf de eerste les vooruitgang.

Onze lessen worden verrijkt met interactieve inhoud, actueel en relevant lesmateriaal en leuke, actieve spellen. Onze lokalen zijn zo ingericht dat het leren - en het behalen van jouw leerdoelen - centraal staan. We weten hoe belangrijk het is dat het onderwijs consistent is. De docenten werken voort op de leerweg van de studenten en sluiten aan bij diens kennis en vaardigheden. Studenten verrijken hun kennis zo in lijn met hun leerweg.

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Educatieve spelletjes en activiteiten vormen een cruciaal onderdeel van de lessen bij Una Paloma Blanca


Met een persoonlijke benadering halen onze docenten het maximale uit iedere student.


Onze boeiende methode richt zich op het vergroten van de spreekvaardigheid, zodat jij je leerdoelen behaalt


Students become familiar with the sounds of the language, and begin using simple sentences, with the goal of having simple conversations, describing their day, introducing themselves, as well as understanding the basic grammar of the language, learning to recognise and use it.


Students will use their elementary level of the language to develop and enrich their knowledge. We will begin looking at more complex grammatical structures and use them to naturally describe moments in time. It is at this stage when students learn to discuss the hypothetical, dreams and aspirations.


Students learn how to use the language for complex professional and academic purposes. We learn about natural language and structures used by native speakers. It is at this level where the student becomes able to use the language in a variety of situations. They also learn how to read, understand and build complex texts on a wide-range of subjects.

Denk jij dat je bijles nodig hebt?

We hebben een fantastisch team van docenten met uitstekende kwaliteiten en vaardigheden. We zijn vol vertrouwen dat je bij ons vindt wat je zoekt. Neem contact met ons op en vertel ons wat jij graag wilt leren en hoe we jou kunenn bereiken - wij doen de rest:


Onze taalexperts

Bij UPB werken we met hoogopgeleide docenten! Onze meesters hebben niet alleen hun onderwijsvaardigheden ontwikkeld, maar beheersen ook nieuwe en opwindende methodes om jou aan het spreken te krijgen!

6 stappen om te starten bij UPB

De 6 stappen

1. Vind je passende cursus

Kijk op onze website voor ons complete cursusaanbod en vind er één die bij jouw wensen, niveau en doelen past.

2. Waag de sprong

Schrijf je nu in voor een cursus via onze webshop of stuur een kort bericht. We bezorgen je direct alle informatie over de cursus.

3. Schrijf je in

Nadat je akkoord bent gegaan met ons voorstel, schrijven we je graag in voor de taalcursus van jouw keuze. Nu ben je officieel ingeschreven!

4. Doe mee

Tijdens leuke, creatieve en interactieve taallessen brengen onze ervaren docenten jouw taalvaardigheid naar het volgende niveau!

5. Compleet

Hoera! Je hebt je cursus afgerond. Gefeliciteerd! We belonen je na afloop van elke cursus graag met een bewijs van deelname.

6. Ga door

Ben je nog niet uitgeleerd? Wil jij jouw taalniveau naar een nog hoger plan brengen? Geweldig! Una Paloma Blanca helpt je graag bij het verder leren.

Word on the street

  • Casper


    Because I work in a department where English skills are very important to communicate with clients, I decided to follow a private intensive English course where I could quickly brush up my English knowledge and bring my writing and speaking skills to a C1 level. I liked most that the team of teacherRead mores immediately understood my needs and they focused on my preferences helping me achieving my goals in no time.Read less

  • Varvara



    I’m writing to thank you very much for the course you’ve organised for Egor. I was really surprised when, firstly, he agreed to do something like that on holiday, secondly, when after the first day with you he wasn’t incredibly tired as I would have expected, on the contrary, very excited. WheRead moren you asked us to speak only English during the week, I thought, ok, we’ll see! 😊 But, in fact, every time when I being forgetful say something in Russian, Egor says: “I’m sorry, Mum, I don’t understand you!” Moreover, in the evening on Monday he asked me to help him with his homework! What have you done?! 😊 How could you manage?! 😊 He never does his homework at school, maybe, during the break time before the lesson starts if the teacher is strict enough! 😊 I’m really impressed by the teaching skills of you! Thank you very much! It’s very important for me. I’ve wanted to introduce Egor to this kind of studying for a long time. He’s been never interested until now. As I told you, I’ve done a lot of language courses in England. I love it, I miss it very much. I’m happy that Egor seems to like it too. I think that in spite of the fact he’s doing a short course he’s going to have a great breakthrough in his English studies.Read less

  • Arianna


    I had already a very good English level before I got lessons from the teachers of Una Paloma Blanca, but after following the Business English Program at the language school, I noticed my confidence with the language increased quite a lot, specially when it came to speeches and team presentations. ThRead moreank you very much for all your help!Read less

  • Raluca


    Speaking is always the most challenging part of any new language, and with Dutch it feels even more difficult for me personally... I just can't gather the courage to try and verbalise sentences, but I am aware it’s maybe the most important part of becoming fluent. That’s what I most appreciate iRead moren our teacher at Una Paloma Blanca - however broken we may speak, she's always encouraging, fun and has a friendly, empathetic way of correcting us. That’s highly important to keep the motivation going and practice even outside the group, in real life.Read less

  • Chetna



    Being a marketer in a foreign country comes with its own set of challenges. Knowing the local language is not just a plus but a prerequisite. Hence, soon after I arrived in the Netherlands, I started my hunt for a language class. After scouting for days, I stumbled upon Una Paloma Blanca’s creativRead moree website. A couple of email conversations later, I found myself at their Eindhoven facility. I loved the vibe and decided to give it a shot. Soon after, it became a home away from home for me as I formed instant friendships within my group. Their one-of-a-kind learning material (an illustrative book that you would not want to put down) and immersive lessons helped me learn the language quicker than I had anticipated. Furthermore, it aided my understanding of the cultural nuances in the Dutch society that gave me an edge in interviews and formal conversations. I cannot thank my teacher enough (who went above and beyond every time) for her constant motivation and support. To all the fellow expats looking for a fun way to learn Dutch, I say go for it!Read less

  • Erick


    Learning a new language is challenging and Dutch is no different. Learning how to speak confidently and have day to day conversations in Dutch as an expat is challenging. During the summer course what I liked the most was that we focused on the message we were trying to convey and how to properly saRead morey it instead of only correcting us. The balance between study material and outside activities makes the course not feel as intensive and actually makes it fun. The teachers also did a good job encouraging us and motivating us into starting conversations. For anyone looking to improve their vocabulary and gain confidence in conversing in Dutch I really recommend Una Paloma Blanca’s summer courses.Read less

  • Oana



    Learning Dutch is hard enough, but without the right, dedicated teacher, it would be impossible for someone to learn. I have been studying at Una Paloma Blanca for almost 3 years. I find spoken Dutch the most difficult part, because the Dutch people have a certain accent which is not easy to learn. Read moreHowever, the teachers are so nice at this school and they encourage you to practice every time even if you don't speak perfectly... and basically, this is the whole point of following a Dutch course.... TO LEARN! This is what I always appreciate about my teacher: her teaching style, the way of explaining grammar to me, the empathy that she always shows me (not only to my broken speech). My teacher makes me feel part of this family. It is highly important to have the right teacher for your needs, who knows how to keep you motivated in this process of learning a new language all while integrating into Dutch society. Read less

  • Jorge González



    I love the flexibility of UPB, how supportive the teachers and workers are and how easy they made it to learn a new language. They are helping me a lot with my difficulties learning Dutch and allowing me to communicate with people in fluent Dutch.

  • Bruno



    As polyglot, learning languages is my main hobby and for that reason I am always looking for the best teachers to boost my language skills! When I moved to my new life in Rotterdam I was so happy to see that there was a language academy just 3 minutes away from my house with all my languages, even Read moreRussian! I made a good decision in trusting Una Paloma Blanca to take my Dutch and Russian to the next level and the results are amazing: Currently I am able to work in Dutch and I can handle conversations in Russian Read less

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Ontdek wat onze studenten over ons zeggen! Ben je zelf een oud-student van ons? Dan vinden wij het leuk als jij jouw ervaring met ons deelt! Deel je mening!

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